Little Mississippi Campground  - Explore our trails and enjoy the natural surroundings
Go fishing in the Little Mississippi River. Fish for pike, bass, perch and other pan fish.
Cool off in the river, or go for a canoe ride  (for a longer trip arrange a drop off upstream and canoe back to the Little Mississippi Campground for rest and relaxation)
Enjoy the wildlife....
The little Mississippi  Campground  covers almost 40 acres and is teeming with wildlife.  Deer, turtles, rabbits, chipmunks are freqeunt visitors. 
 In June, snapping turtles and painted turtles, came ashore to lay their eggs. 
Usually in September the babies hatch and head for the river. 
Walk the trails... up to the lookout or through the bush ...
   find the huge old growth pine tree....
See the spectacular night sky as you have only seen in pictures. Our telescopes and extremely clear skies will help you share these wonders with your family and friends. We are an astronomical dark spot.
Plan a special day out
Travel around Hastings and the other counties using  the Little Mississippi Campground as your headquarters...rockhounding, rafting, exploring historical sites and mines, golf, gallery visits, music festivals, fishing tournaments, live theatre, lakes and beaches, outdoor markets, auctions, elk watching, etc (brochures and booklets available)...plan a special day out and return to Little Mississippi Campground to relax.
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